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Heros [23 May 2007|08:28am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Heroes (A very enjoyable television series I've been watching) had a bit of an anti climatic ending and i think it left myself as well as a lot of other people wanting a little more. They did offer a sneak peak where hiro lands in the past. How they stop sylar was a bit disappointed as here is a guy that can stop bullets with his mind yet he did not have the power to stop a japanese man who announced he was there before he charged with his sword from roughly 15 feet away before piercing sylars chest.

I've have been working on a bit of self improvement the last few days but nothing major. Just a bit of working on my body and trying to get myself into considerable shape. I hope in time i see some results.

I will also be taking my GED course very soon in hopes i can salvage a future for myself. I'm not sure at this time if i really want to find someone to share it with but i can only assume that is because a bit of me still belongs to rylee. I'm sure when i meet another girl i am attracted too i will know for sure what my heart wants. By attraction i am not meaning just physical features. Rylee wasn't very pleasing on the eyes when i first saw her but her personality was something amazing and worth keeping. I can only hope there is some more good people in this world waiting to be found. I do intend on finding them.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nBY6o3G83Q Enjoyable song.

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The last loving breath. [22 May 2007|05:45am]
[ mood | awake ]

Tonight i said goodbye to the woman I've loved for nearly 5 years, The memories and visions of her beauty still deeply locked in my heart. I would only be a burden in her life as i am now and a half heart broken male isn't what she needs to add onto the stress of college.

I feel a soft dark terror, Feels like when you are walking up a stair case in the dark and believe there is one more stair then their actually is, Your heart skips a beat. I'm not sure if what i am feeling now is better then clinging to a small string of home but time will tell. She is now out of my life forever although i will never stop loving her.

I will say it one last time but not to you for i know you don't wish to hear it. I love you rylee you are nothing short of an angel, Your beauty and your light gave me such hope with the years that were spent with you. Thank you for adding your spark to that fire that is my life. I am forever changed by your compassion and your loving heart.

I have lived for so long with another i believe it's going to take a long time to find out who i am as an individual. I am not sure if i am ready but i have little choice and i refuse to watch the months roll of the calendar.

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